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Reviews for "Too Cute: Pokémon"

Very well done.

I guess the Charmanders are figuring things out a bit quicker than the others :-)

This was super adorable! I love Pokémon and this was so cute! Great job with the animation!

I really enjoyed this one. I could tell where it was going when we hit the final Pokemon, but it was still clever and pretty funny. The animation was nice, and the character modeling was great too! The textures for each model gave the whole cartoon a pastel/cartoony style that I really like.

Congratulations on the Front Page! You deserve it!

1) bulbasaurs will be looked down for not being able to walk and forget the fact they are only 3 days only as the narrator says. so F the people

2) squirtles so cute and i sometimes see them a bit more mischievous

3) when it comes to fire, u dont tell them wat to do. they live like they own you. like cats.

except the houes is now a burning volcano for them. its in their natural instincts. isn't that just cute? =D wanted to see the cute charmanders :(

I can't even start to think how hard it must be to animate in 3D to this level, very well done! Also, does anyone know what the song that plays over the Bulbasaur family is? I've heard it on Sjin's Feed The World series as the outro, many thanks in advance.