Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

Amazing game! But there seems to be a glitch. Level 5 won't finish for me :T even when I've met my 100% quota for candy

Evil-Dog responds:

You sure you didn't leave a kid walking around?

The guy below me is a fanboy

I like how there's a cute little Cocheta in some of the stages.

haha cocheta is in this game :D

To be honest I REALLY like this game. In fact I've been hooked for the past days. Firstly I love when the playable character is a insane, violent, and inhuman being like The Freak who mugs full-grown adults attempting to look like children(Seriously who's supposed to be fooled by this) and what I enjoy even more are the bullies or as I call them: Cold-blooded Murderers(anyone who has Molotov cocktails, Chainsaws, and Machetes on hand can't be considered a mild bully lets face it) These guys are a fantastic challenge that need awareness to not be smashed in by and would do what I would do if I saw The Freak attacking people... Or I would love to try if The Freak hasn't just dismembered several large dogs and some armed killers. The only thing is the final boss ether has a lot of health or I ain't attacking right(btw I'm spitting fireballs at the Resident Evil boss reject yet she isn't showing any weakness) If you could just type it down that would be fantastic. In conclusion I'd personally give a ten outta ten because of the edgy art and the crazy protagonist and psychopathic antagonists.