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Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

Not sure what you are suppose to do after you get 100% but run out of pumpkins to kill the dog with...dying and restating seem to be it, if there isn't a better way then one needs to be implemented

Evil-Dog responds:

well that's the challenge, don't spend all your pumpkins in the boss :)

The game is ok but there are a few things that weigh it down. The perks for example acquiring random perks doesn't sit right with me, Also to note I don't like when attacking certain enemies from the front does no damage at all which is annoying.

Kept me entertained till half of second part, but only dogs and baseball-guys were to few enemies - add 2 or 3 enemy-types earlier, so people wont become bored!

music was good for it I think, the kids animations and voices were more the problem - the "Kids" are as large as adults, and their voices simply arent "kidlike", too. Maybe ask a little brother / siter / cousin for help ? - but dont show them the game xD

I was expecting to have some gore.. (like HTF style) lol

Evil-Dog responds:

dogs and bullies exploding to shit not gore enough for you? :)

Great game. Simple concept and good looking.

The only thing that made me give this a 3.5 out of 5 stars is the upgrade mechanics. You grab many big candy packs and only see candies inside them. When you have thousands of candies and one pack with perks finally appears, you have the option to choose between 2 lame ones. Then you reach first boss with 2 lame perks and 1 that's is actually significant to my playing style. If perks were even more rare, but the player could choose ONE perk from ALL perks, this would be more of a strategy game, rather than a luck game. Some people enjoy the luck game style, though. Some people like replaying the same levels until they are ready for the next challenge. That's not me, "lucky" and "replay massively" factors are really bad for me.

That's it. Cheers! :)