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Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

A pretty good game to snatch all candies from trick or treaters. I gave it 5. But with all due respect, I've completed all levels with 100% grade, Beaten the game, And the Legendary terror medal won't unlock. I've did every level that here is and tried it by restarting too. Just to give you a heads up on it for those who can't get it.


Great Game! Looks like a lot of thought and time was put into it, Smooth Framerate even on my shitty laptop, thrilling song that never seems to sound repetitive, crisp animations/drawings, and fantastic gameplay. As for what i would like to see changed about the game is the perk system, honestly some of the perks are kind of worthless like sugar rush though cool in concept it takes to long to get a sugar rush and when you do its too short, second perks should have a special third upgrade Ex: tough skin perk only increases your pumpkin defense for hitting targets, but once you upgrade it three times it now enables you to have an extra pumpkin health bar for every pumpkin
or maybe it takes enemies more hits to kill you. Lastly the game needs more diverse levels so I dont
get the feeling of deja vu like ive been in the same neighborhood the same time.

You guys did so well and hopefully you will respond to my hopefully not offensive criticism.

Great game. Simple concept and good looking.

The only thing that made me give this a 3.5 out of 5 stars is the upgrade mechanics. You grab many big candy packs and only see candies inside them. When you have thousands of candies and one pack with perks finally appears, you have the option to choose between 2 lame ones. Then you reach first boss with 2 lame perks and 1 that's is actually significant to my playing style. If perks were even more rare, but the player could choose ONE perk from ALL perks, this would be more of a strategy game, rather than a luck game. Some people enjoy the luck game style, though. Some people like replaying the same levels until they are ready for the next challenge. That's not me, "lucky" and "replay massively" factors are really bad for me.

That's it. Cheers! :)

wow great game with a cool 3D intro.This deserves 10/10 :D

Great. One complaint: TOO MANY PERKS TO LITTLE SLOTS. LOL still 5/5.