Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

I really like this game but am having the trouble of getting a 100% on a level but keep not getting "DONE" after all the kids are gone.

Evil-Dog responds:

What level was that?

game is great, but i would like to report a bug... when you pause, they menu pops up as it should but the game isn't paused.

i was playing the second level, paused for a while for doing whatever i needed to do, 5 minutes later i came back, un paused the game and the "you died" message pop ed up.

this happened like 3 times.

Evil-Dog responds:

Oh yeah? I'll check that! Thanks for the report

gets boring very quickly

Evil-Dog responds:

Really? 1 star? thats harsh as FUCK....anyway the new version has less levels per area and a much nicer progression curve. Try the Challenge Mode it's cool

Well, basically there is a problem. The graphics, the concept, the music are ok, but it gets too boring after only a few minutes. There is no great innovation from a level to another, the perks are hard to unlock and they don't really change the dynamics of the game. You shall work more on that, then it would be a great game, because, as I already said, the concept is ok.
Try harder, brotha! Try harder!

Evil-Dog responds:

Ok concept would be at least 2 stars maybe?

My first impression was good. The idea was very interesting, and the artwork is great. The ambience is also good.

But then problems started occuring. First, the progression is damn slow, and makes the game repetitive. I stopped at level 14. So far there are just more kids, one dog per level (which you usually want to beat first, which poses little challenge but does require patience each time, as you have to wait for him to come back 3 times). It really seems like there should be fewer levels, because the first ones are really great. Scaling up the number of candies you need does not make a level harder, it makes it artificially longer.

Second, it seems the only viable strategy is to grab a pumpkin (which you get to start out with if you finished the earlier level with one), make sure it doesn't run out, and get the kids from left to right, while they are isolated. Hit them 3 time, spit to stop them from running, 3 more times. The only bad part of this is it's long, and if the special candy falls too close to the edge of the screen it might drop off-screen.

Going right to left is a no-no. The level ends as soon as the right-most guy runs away (even if the rest of the level is untouched). This is bad, because if we want to do a reconaissance run (to get the dog running after us and get an idea of what kids are where, etc.), we have to go back all the way left. Not that it matters, all the levels are the same.

It's really too bad. This game seems very well put together. The starting premise is good. But there just isn't enough in the game mechanics to keep it interesting. Maybe if we could climb up on the rooftops. Maybe if other enemies started popping up sooner. Maybe if there were other challenges.

The perks don't really change much. First, they'd have been a great opportunity to diversify gameplay as offering different ways to get around various challenges. But there aren't really a lot of challenges in the first 14 levels. We're just farming defenseless kids and beheading dogs, and the basic character already has everything to do it except for the candy magnet (which IMO is indispensable to the point where I would never put anything else in that perk slot)

Also, I'm getting a "test medal" notification every 20 seconds or so. Dunno if that's you or NG.

Evil-Dog responds:

The perks change how you can play a lot....but hey you have a great point about scouting the level and losing all the kids and enemies on the left...very good point! We made it like that so you wouldn't have to backtrack to that last kid stuck on the way left if you missed it.....I'll think about that. maybe I'll change something. but I think both ways is a big trade off.