Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

this game is pointless and stupid

Overall I thought the game was pretty fun. I realize that this was a deadline for Halloween, but I'd just like to point out the main pros and cons on the game in my opinion:
- A bit repetitive, especially if you want to get 5 stars on each level. Early levels it's easy to get away with running around and juggling people. but later you have to slowly progress to the right and slay dogs, punks, and kids 1 by 1 (not always but more or less) for fear of scaring other people off. I notice this is more my fault for being a perfectionist but I feel a little sad that the gameplay was hurt due to the way the levels were designed and made it hard to maximize getting candy without a sense of "grinding". Also, I found the hiding option cool at the beginning, but sort of contradicts the gameplay (literally juggling enemies). I have to say its pretty useful in challenge to hide and plan but in story not so much.
+ On that note, I found the challenge mode probably the more fun part of the game (albeit harder, especially the medal) since it really did let you go on a rampage; attacking, juggling, recognizing patterns in enemies and collecting candy was more of a secondary task and just surviving and killing was the main objective.
Anyways, just my thoughts on the game. Overall 4/5 mostly due to the challenge mode and because I am big fan of most of your games and I feel like this one also has alot of potential to be really fun.

So awesome but so annoying. At least have a timer instead of having the level end suddenly.

When I saw this game I thought,you need to drag the kids in the bushes so you can kill them.

really liked the history of the poor deformed kid that is possibly mother dont letted him go to halloween and then the monster escaped :3