Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

to kill the dog, you have to spit at it and then attack it.

the skills are kinda pointless, we can only use three and it takes too long to upgrade all of them.

the game is, like others said, very repetive. why canĀ“t the freak-boy just walk around and collect candy?

great game! ecspecaily since halloween is coming up soon.

great game but - half a star for being hard

Its fun to steal candy from children and make them cry, but those cursed dogs and bullies break my masks, and Im helpless when that happens. I also wished some blood and gore, but its still okay since I really like beating them until cry for their mommies.

Really great game! Really addicting and an overall fun game. The controls are easy to manage, the music and sound effects are great. You really outdid yourself this time Evil-Dog. 5/5 stars!