Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

with evil dog in programming and sickdeathfiend as artist i can only wait for a perfect game! You two are the bests!

The game is ok but there are a few things that weigh it down. The perks for example acquiring random perks doesn't sit right with me, Also to note I don't like when attacking certain enemies from the front does no damage at all which is annoying.

I lost ALL my progress.. WTH man. Fix that. ;[ But, great game overall. Challenging.

@xAyjAy because walking around as a freak boy only collecting candy is to easy.

The game is fun very difficult i might add when your being attacked by a dog and the Wild boy with a Bat. the Skills are pretty useless but at the same time helpful if that doesn't make sense then suffer.

ether way i went through one whole area and its good game, keep it up.

Nooooo!! All my progress is gone.... =*(
Although the game is a little repetitive and It would be nice if I could use more than 3 upgrades at a time, it's a great game! Nice work with the art and the voices! Very well done!