Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

meh ok

So I came back to play again and all my progress was lost... :/ ...

The game is alright and has some nice challenge elements tho it could use some more story to it.
The perks are nice too although it sometimes feels a little sad that you can only have three at a time ... but I know this is for extra difficulty and such ;)

But anyway: It just started out with this nice animation and then all you do is to steal candy all along while it just gets harder and harder due to the enemies ... I think that is why other people called it repetitive ... and well it somehow is ... I only played until the first boss and beat him... it was nice but I was expecting some other monster or so ... like a special boss ... but I guess this might be due to a lack of time maybe ... it was a nice thing anyway.

It's really no bad game tho it could be a great one with just some more story line and some altering challenges... I just think that it is basing upon so many levels and even three different areas, that it just feels as if it should be story driven.

The thing with my save data may be due to my browser settings... I don't know but it is a real pity since I won't start all over again... slry ^^

I still have the 'medals' tho the save game is lost :(

:) not bad

Its a great game it is repetitive than can get tiring but idk why i always come back for more :p

All of the repetitive gameplay and the perk system are all made up for with the final boss fight. That was pretty great.