Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

This is an utterly terrible game. the comments saying this game is repetitive is as repetitive as this game itself. i like the style of it but the dogs are so annoying. theres 3 things to do in this game, kill children for their CANDY? get killed by dogs way too easily, and get dumb perks. but why is some freaky little weird creature out for candy anyways??? I didn't get the storyline of this because there really isn't much of one. I would be completely surprised and a little scared if someone actually managed to not only beat this game but be not driven insane about how dull it is.

Evil-Dog responds:

Plenty people enjoyed and finished the game, don't extend your personnal opinion to everyone.
If you were a little smarter you'd figure out to attack the dogs in the back and kill them easily.
Other than that, yes it's repetitive, I agree.

Good concept, but way too repetitive. Even 15 levels per zone is way too much. It quickly turns into an exercise in boredom as you do the same exact thing over and over again. Even the new enemy varieties add very little to the game play.

Had my attention for maybe 4 min. Too repetitive, and bad animation. You guys really need to work on more dynamic animation.

i feel like the freak is supposed to be someone while they were young.

Final boss saved it for me. Too repetitive, and too many times did people say "candies" when something else should've been said. It's not 'I have so many candies' it's 'I have so much candy.' That aside, pretty fun game, and again- epic final boss

Evil-Dog responds:

they also say they wanna dress as a dildo haha