Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

Art/Animation amazing as always but the music is horrible, music makes a gargantuan difference how much you enjoy a game, it shouldn't work that way but that's how it is, the music was so bad I actually stopped playing on the 2nd level. The game is repetitive, with Road of the Dead 2 you have the best game on all of Newgrounds where everything comes together perfectly and has fresh almost never ending content. With this you have a silly game with absolutely no plot whatsoever, it's just scratching kids with your long fingernails and catching points (candy). I would change the music to something not horrible and add customization, the more customization a game has the more I like it, it's why I still play Road of the Dead 2 after all this time and gave it a 10/10. I like the character design but try making him personalized for people, like being able to change his voice/color/appearance/gender/etc. Everyone's complaining about repetition and leaving before even finishing the tutorial, you should really take this into consideration, after all it was a month's work. Also try adding things like cheats/costumes/multiplayer, it's all about personalization. Try adding a combo system too, besides just tapping one key 3x which got boring after doing it twice.

Evil-Dog responds:

Music is very subjective. other people loved it. For me, it fits perfectly.
And please don't compare a game we worked on for over a year with a game we made in a month for halloween, surely you realize the difference in game scope and the difference in intent between those two games.
You have some good points and some other points just show that you don't know anything about making games, like casually suggesting we add multiplayer haha we made the halloween game we wanted to make, we learn from it and from the feedback. Also realize we had a deadline for halloween. In the end what it is is a small halloween game and a great basis for all kinds of other games.

The levels got repetitive very fast.
I did beat the final boss though.
Same that there was no outro.

Very interesting game, it has a very weird feeling into it, kinda creepy! well done!

how to unlock perks?

while the game is repetitive I find all too often with games on here that they are too short. I enjoyed the length of the game. its also quite a fun idea.


Evil-Dog responds:

thanks! I still think the game could have been a bit shorter considering the limited variety it offers.