Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

Awesome game but the Tough Skin upgrade doesn't seem to work at all. The number of attacks I can do per armor bar is always 10 even when I have the upgrade equipped. Unless I'm misreading the upgrades explanation, I thought it increased the number of attacks you could do per armor bar.

Evil-Dog responds:

I fixed this in v1.04, thanks for the report.

I think what most don't realize is how hard it is to make a game within time constraints. This game is awesome, one of the best holiday themed games I played on this site. Given the time you were given to make this content, it is amazing. I just think people are going "OH DIS SUX BUT ROAD OF DEAD BETTUR" are basically saying that because they don't understand how much love you put into a game. Most can't even make a game; or to go a step further, get too deep into "oh wtf kids would not say dildo." I like the humor and personality you put into the kids.

Personally, I like it. It gives a lot more thought to it than the average tower defense, maze, "art", or many other genres.

Keep doing what you do best. Accept critic but also realize you are human and have time periods to work on it. My one suggestion is to make a couple more bad guys, if you could, maybe parents watching their kids trick-or-treat and then if we get caught we only have a certain amount of time before the game ends. Or even just another layer of time limit would be nice.

Thanks for allowing the customization controls, I like my arrow keys as much as the next gal :)

-Review Request Club Member~

Evil-Dog responds:

THANK YOU, you have redeemed mankind with your intellect. I'm indeed pretty sick of people comparing a 1 year project with a 1 month project or some people casually suggest adding multiplayer as if it was nothing haha
But yeah it was a small game. We have a sequel planned, a non holiday game with this characters and following the event, so parents, thugs, police, other deformities, etc, a full game

I, along with the majority in the review section, stopped playing after the tutorial.

Also, I couldn't help but notice that the "kids" that were trick-or-treating were not actually kids at all. Either teenagers or adults - with adult voices. For some reason, I feel as if they were portrayed as kids they should have been animated as such.

Aside from the game being bland, the animation, control, and music all is in place.
But what's good design if the plot/game is bland?

3 our of 5 stars accurately portrays the rating for this game.

Evil-Dog responds:

The majority in the review section didn't stop playing after the tutorial, you ass.

this was enjoyable, i like the art dereciton you chose. your monster was well made. so fair i am only throu the first hand full of boards but i am still playing. the powerups are a cool idea but seem to have a low drop rate. I have nothing to complain about so... thank you.

Kept me entertained till half of second part, but only dogs and baseball-guys were to few enemies - add 2 or 3 enemy-types earlier, so people wont become bored!

music was good for it I think, the kids animations and voices were more the problem - the "Kids" are as large as adults, and their voices simply arent "kidlike", too. Maybe ask a little brother / siter / cousin for help ? - but dont show them the game xD