Reviews for "Ape Escape"

this piece is awesome, love these colors and the composition

I loved playing this game as a kid, though I don't think I ever beat it 100%. Won't be able to now, but oh well. Can not for the life of me remember her name though. Was it even mentioned? Never played any of the games after it either, though that was mostly due to lack of opportunity. Was the professor named either? Only one's I can remember being mentioned were Spike's and Specter's. Maybe Spike's possessed friend too, but I can't remember. Anyway that's enough rambling, Loving your style here, especially the shading and shining which makes it absolutely adorable. Question though, what's Spike doing in the monkey pile? Or is he just monkeying around? Wow I can't believe I actually typed that. Oh well, no taking it back now, nope no siree. Keep up the great work!

Knickinator responds:

I've beaten it 100% a few times and it's the one game I can actually say I'm pretty good at. It's not impossible to play it these days, since I believe it was added to PS3's digital store?

Her name was Natalie, btw, I suppose I could have mentioned that in the description or tags. The Professor wasn't ever given a proper name.

Spike was included in the monkey pile because while I mostly just wanted to draw Natalie, it would have felt awfully wrong to not include THE main character as well. Also for the lulz, too, I suppose.

Absolutely one of my favorite videogames from my childhood. The artwork is just splendid. And Natalie is still on of my favorite videogame characters. But the only thing that still bugs me to this very day is why the professor wasn't given a proper name...

They need to make a new Ape Escape

Very good!
I've never played any of the Ape Escape games, but I really want to. The games look very appealing, and this captures that beautifully.
Keep up the good work!