Reviews for "Video Memories"

I really loved this game! A eerie atmosphere and just a down right nightmare-fuel story and game! Though There should of been more to it. Like it didn't scare me allot but It still was scary. I loved it and loved the animation. But the sky was a little to low and you could tell it was just placed there as a decal and not really life-like. No matter what was wrong with this game, I loved it. Make more

The house is too big....there's not even a map, so I have no idea where I am going. There should be a bit more context to explain the concept, some way to make it deeper.

Ummm...this is kinda confusing did they kill him or what?

All in all a fun game.

The atmosphere was spot on. It was just down right creepy! you had me reaching for my desk lamp a few times but I hung in there. Controls were easy enough but next time list them in the description (WASD to move and Space Bar to interact with objects) so that people aren't so confused. The overall game was nice for being made in 48 hours.

I thoroughly enjoyed the graphics. it reminds me a lot of the indie horror game White Face. That was scarier than this, but your game still does well to make me paranoid. The lack of any sounds also had me tense and on the edge of my seat. You have some very interesting and intense psychological horror themes running in this game

However the game is not without fault. Text was hard to read, and the ending was...shitty to be honest. It lacked depth, made no sense, and completely obliterated any chances this had of making it on my favorites list. I understand that making tense build up like that end well is hard, and the fucking camera pan at the end was terrifying; but it still seemed like it could have been longer, or just been down right scarier (corpses that appear out of nowehere are always scary).

All in all a solid game, deserving of no less than four stars, but no more than that either.

pretty good. took a moment to figure out what to do.