Reviews for "Video Memories"

Loved this game but the ending was somewhat weird, plus I didn't get the halfway mark did his wife divorce him and take the kid or did they both die?

Started out good, but it's obvious you had to rush through the ending, and that's a shame.

The lag was a killer. Almost quit because of it.

pretty good I like it

Graphics 5/5- Smooth, simple and effective

Audio 0/5- {None}

Storyline 3/5- It seemed pretty cool, didn't finish the game so I don't really know

Gameplay 2/5- Controls were great and all, but the house was too big. The guy walked so slowly and I kept getting lost. I gave up.

Overall 10/20 (3/5)- House was too big, guy was so slow, no map so I had no idea where I was going. Gave up and lost interest.

The house is too big and it often feels like a maze. I can get where that may be a scary element but it didn't feel like it belonged in a game like this. It just seemed more of a nuisance. And that part where you have to go outside when you hear a noise (the time after the opossum,) it's massive and confusing.

I was really liking the story. It was building up to something very suspenseful. I kept expecting something to jump out at me or follow me or appear around the corner. The ending itself was clever but it wasn't scary. This doesn't deserve to have the tag horror. There's nothing scary about the game other than an eerie feel which was only put there in the beginning BECAUSE I thought this was a horror game. It's a shame because I really loved the concept.