Reviews for "Life's Limit"

Este juego necesita:
1- Power-Ups
2- Las gráficas tan solo rosan las aceptables
3- Una mejor música para la zona de pelea
4- Al menos 4 corazones al comienzo de la partida
5- Skins diferentes para los enemigos

Snakebee responds:

I took 3 years of Spanish and I still don't understand everything you said. Very valid points from what I can read. Thank you for the feedback.

not bad of all, jus only need a few changes

Need more health at the begining

I like the game, but there is a glitch. On the 9th level of story mode, after I move to the last chest, it says "New Weapon" and keeps me on screen without going back to the hub. After this happens, I can no longer shoot and the monsters can't hurt me. I replayed the level and this happened again so this isn't a one time deal.

The game is pretty hard in the upper levels, especially when you are starting with three hearts after you die. Many of the enemies come onto the screen so unexpectedly that it is sometimes near impossible to dodge their attacks, especially the guys with the spread shot. I wish you would have made the guy enemies different unless there is a reason they all look like the main character. There also isn't much of a story in story mode from what I've seen.

It is a good game, but it does need some work.

Nice game, but if you press space bar when in a conversation window with an NPC, you get upgrade gems ? I had maxed out stats before I had even left for the first level of the dungeon
also I think the character moves a bit too slow

it's a good idea for a game, just needs a bit of polish and it'll be lovely