Reviews for "Life's Limit"

Holy shit O_O Tuff game XD But very fun go job you have my 5 star rating =3

Its still in hard mode.....
Here is an idea, when the player approach them , then they attack. And not the monsters auto find players and attack.....

Snakebee responds:

Enemies have line of sight and only become alerted within a certain viewing radius of the player. Also, gunshots attracts them within a certain radius regardless if there's something blocking their view. Enemies walk in random paths if they don't spot the player. I put a lot of effort into the enemy AI, you just need to be situationally aware and cautious. Thank you for playing and reviewing the game.


This game is tough as nails, very unforgiving.
Still enjoy it very much for some reason..?
I'd love to see it polished, and fleshed out a bit.

was kind of meh, great idea but that's about it

sooo hard useless