Reviews for "Caged Beast"

you won't steal the declaration of independance
not on my watch

I want the OST

swishcheese responds:

Our Musicians just added there Sound Tracks to the portal. You can find the sound tracks in the panel to the left. Thanks for review.

Needs less bees.

Game was interesting I manage to finish it. It needs upgrade system to make the game more interesting. The hardest thing was the last level platforming jumps.
First boss was harder than the second the hard thing is destroying the breakable rocks. Just aim at them as fast as possible stand under the boss. Second boss make your priority to kill the bees. When you kill all bees Cage stops attacking and you just shoot him to death. Last one stand mostly in middle not in corners and move side by side. The hard thing is when he jumps over you and immediately cast fire that attack combination alone takes half your hp...

I don't understand how this is like Johnny Cage.