Reviews for "Assassin Game Jam"

So far, in terms of keeping the theme, you won by a longshot.

This is awesome!

DivoFST responds:

Thanks larry!
We went looking for the classic assassin games and tried to make a game as close as possible to that style.

this so fucking awesome all users play this shit woppeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! it makes me crazy and addicting game

DivoFST responds:


great game, even if short/incomplete.

well, this game, is very good for a rushed game, so i will be fair.
you had little time, and a short deadline coming on.
first things first...
the visuals, were GREAT! who drew all those celebrities? the rampager? good job, man!
very good job.

also, the voice-acting was very funny, so you get more points for that.
also, i LOVED how you did a smart and original selecting screen for your ''enemies''.
lil wayne and billy g. were easy to find, but the bailey jay choise was hard to find.
i clicked the right symbols tho, and then i found her and i defeated her.

i won the game, and it was a fun little game.

the only problem, was that the controls were too simple, and the game coudl be won easily by clicking fast the ''attack'' button. maybe adding some ''punch areas'' to the face & body of the target celebs? (like, for example getting more points in the game score if your perform a face punch, rather than a body punch, or making lots of uppercuts making you earn more points, or something, dunno, etc etc.)

also, i would like to see more characters, i KNOW you wanted to add at least 6 more, (i played around in the selection screen), but i understand you had little to no time.

next time, tho, add more celebs into your next game!
good game, brought me back memories.

love it

Spedmallet responds:


This was fun to work on. if you guys wanna do this again you know where to find me. -- Rampager