Reviews for "Assassin Game Jam"

So I've played all three of the Assassin Jam games now, and I'm severely disappointed in them all. The only one that really captured the spirit of the original games was the this one and even that was pretty questionable. But at least you guys seemed to try and capture the Assassin idea. The original assassin games are still some of the most fun to play on NG. I have to wonder if the teams even looked at any of the original content. Very let down.

There was humor, I'll give you that. Art wasn't bad at all either, especially Bailey's. EthanAlways & ForNoReason nailed it, suckuh.

i Laughet so hard when i mixed male with female simbol! xD

Alright, I'm gonna get the bad out of the way first. GAMEPLAY GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Yeah, it's really just clicking the hit button over and over again. It becomes more of a sadist tool than an actual game. Really, this is the only big flaw I've noticed, but it reeks over the entire game unfortunately.

But dont worry, there are still good points
-Very good job on visuals
-ForNoReason (and presumably EthanAlways) pulls through on the VA.
-The music is well done!
-The combination system is very creative.

So bottom line, you have a lot of greatness that falls short as a game, but if you want to use it to vent on Lil Wayne (which I dont blame you), then feel free.

I like the consept. but it needs more content. it will get beater with futecher updates.

DivoFST responds:

If the game does continue we plan to make it really fun man!