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Reviews for "Dark Sauce"

"It can't be too difficult" I said that before the thousands of times I died playing it.......

I've seen this

but I don't think Dark Souls is not hard as I have not played the game

also I don't think dark souls 2 is hard either

Demon Souls: Rage

Dark Souls: Rage harder

Dark Souls 2: You're going to want to have several spare televisions and controllers for this one.

The ending music reminds me of pewdiepie's vid.. gonna watch them now :D

FOR THE YOUTUBERS !!! watever...

Oh, I'm suppose to review this.. not comment :/ dang..
Well, it's good...
and what else? Erm... entertaining... My God, can't I just give it 5 Stars! for no reason?

PS. I guess I can :D woooo

"Yes. Kill moar bosses."

This sums up the whole of Dark Souls storyline. <3