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Reviews for "Dark Sauce"

Praise Praise , Praise the SUN!

wow, this was one of the best dark souls parodies ever!
a great start, to a (now) classic series!
i loved how your main character, dressed with the classic heavy armour outfit and armed with his sword and knowledge, started this great adventure.
also, the narrative at the disclaimer spoken by VAATIVIDYA himself, was an AWESOME touch! its a great honor, and he did some of the BEST dem.souls/dark souls videos/lore/narratives... great artist, and a cool person as well.
then, you showed us your adventures of your first playthrough, and the start of a long, and painful journey.
i liked the moments where your knight was waiting for the ally phantom, and a dark phantom (aka a griefer) appeared, killing your dude.
also, i LOVED the solaire parts, i loved how his helmet melted from the extreme sunlight, and i loved the moment where you guys went on ''jolly cooperation'', and the ''danger zone'' began to play... really nice and funny!
also the ''DAT ABDOMEN'' moment was really cool, and quite accurate! ;)
overall, it was a great movie, with MANY hillarious moments, and many good jokes to be told.
also, it was very accurate, as this game is too hard.

you create great cartoons, they are good and funny, so keep making them, they are good! :)

I'm playing Dark Souls right now, and now I'm allowed to say: SO.TRUE. Laughed my ass off since I lived all of this. This f*cking game.


The voice acting wasn't all that great but it sufficed enough to still make me laugh at parts. The "Highway to the Danger Zone" segment had laughing my ass off.

If you look closely at our sun-loving friend, he has the crest of Yaranaika on his chest.

I agree with everything here. Especially the Moonlight Butterfree. I regret killing Queelag tho. (reasons other than killing dat hot bod)

Overall, It puts Dark Souls in a more... jollier light. but srsly, 4 the guys who haven't played Dark Souls, you should play it. It's worth the suffering