Reviews for "Happyyyy~★♥♪!! (Happy★GTR mix)"

Finally something actually musically awesome! Love the burning chord progression, really reminds me of J-pop, that stuff seems more harmonically interesting then most western music.
One point of criticism is that the melody has a few not necissarily wrong but strange movements. It's just a matter of taste of course, but on the B+5 chord and the B7 (killer progression by the way, walking up to that seven, classic) it tends to throw the melody off just a tad bit, and then race back into it. Just nitpicking, since it's hardly noticable at this insane amount of BPM.
Awesome composition, great instrumentation, and a slightly busy, but still very smooth mix. I loved it, I'm favoriting this.

OMG¡¡¡¡ this song is amazing

so flippin happy 8)

♪!!Such a flippin happs song wow i love it!!♪♪♪

The only thing that i thught was weird and stupid was the voice for the 1 2 3 4

There is no such thing as too much happy. This is the perfect embodiment of that very statement. Epic. (also Prosperity by Jeyzor) It starts off hardcore. Perfect for a fast-paced GD level. Extended version on NG plz