Reviews for "Kindergarten"

heheheh. in kindergarten, art class.... i think it was 1st grade or 3rd really but who gives a fuck... this kid brian was teasing me horribly and he just wouldn't shut up. this is not a healthy thing to do to a person with misophonia. So i finally went off on him and called him a bitch. of course, -I- was the one who got in trouble. art teacher was a bitch too. I DID consider informing her of this., but i was too busy being traumatised by the injustice. thank you for making this hilarious shit, man. it makes me smile.

This made me laugh too much, thanks, I love your story telling and even though the animations are simple they make the story telling even better.

Okay, okay. I laughed a lot. Animation is alittle too simple, I know you could have done better there. Whatever happened to Ricky?

Great, I recommend, its a good laugh.

wanna see my screw collection? i have a hundred of them. lmao

brings me way back i fell in love with a girl and she was hot