Reviews for "Enough Plumbers 2"

if we have completed the game before the medals can we get them?

Radix responds:

You won't get the final one without beating the boss again, and two of the unlock ones might not register right now, but I'm gonna try to get an update up tomorrow to fix that so they'll unlock based on your existing save.

Update: fixed! All medals should now unlock including the one for beating the game.

Good game but I have to wonder what thing. What happens to the clones left behind on a level? What a bleak future for those poor bastards.

This game is fun and hilarious!!! Excellent job on this!

nice work man, but there if there's ever next part add bosses to the end of each world.

it's real fun, controls are precise and over all it's real fun (I had no idea I was waiting for this day)