Reviews for "Enough Plumbers 2"

I hear some Cave Story influence in the music? Anyways, I thought this was a lot of fun. Personally, I think you did a great job :)

The puzzles were well thought-out, with the optional and final puzzles being really challenging but in interesting ways.

WOW this game is so AWESOME i mean even when you die you don't XD you still have your clones REALLY amazing game i had a blast playing it keep on the good work

Plumbers dead: 901!
Well, not bad, really hard in some part but i don't know how & why i beat the final boss in less than 1 minute... just spawned a lot of plumbers and then jump like hell! I WON!

Funny game! :D I like it!

Great game. Has some fun challenges, along with a retro type of charm.