Reviews for "Enough Plumbers 2"

This really reminds me of Battleblock Theatre because of the puppet-show style setup and background, as well as the toilet-themed level transitions. However, it is an amazing piece of work is is fun to play, no matter what your skill level is.

Looks like Mario, but is something original, in fact, I like it :)

I love the concept, game-play and music i like the fact that you have to think every move through great game love it.

really cool game, took some thinking and good ol platforming skill to solve them. The final boss was too easy for the rest of the game though, i accidentally killed him the first time while just jumping around. If you do make another i hope the plumbers are even more derpy than before! also btw Yarramie and those who thumbed his comment, i completed all of the levels so none of them are impossible, if you mean number 28 as the difficult one, (why did you say 4/5 that hardly makes sense when they are numbered) then you just need to try and solve the puzzle a little different than you have been, try and use everything the level has to offer, nothing is there for no reason.

Love this game and the concept found nothing wrong with.