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Reviews for "Deadly Space Action #15"

The jokes are spot on! Excellent work!

I love these animations, and the music is amazing.

Very well done video, definitely going to check out the other episodes.

I love this series, the animation remind's me of some of the shows on cartoon network and saige is my favorite character because she has a big butt and a critter nose.

This is easily the best entry in the series yet. I'm not that big a fan of these cartoons. I just think Bonus Stage was a lot better. I really like how good the animation is and everything. I could actually remember the previous episodes. With all the stuff I watch, that can be hard.

How many times is LeMarion going to escape death? I especially love how he's designed with that small lower body. One thing that bothered me though. If they're aliens, how can they be cannibals if they're eating a different species? The voices were great too.