Reviews for "Noxian Guillotine"

Ingame cut scenes....

How about more than 4 maps? Even if its still the same play style.
Otherwise not bad video.

A:6: V:6

RetroSleep responds:

I want to play on winter SR atleast :|

Hilarious, under rated lol video.

RetroSleep responds:


0:21 on left there should be taric instead of vayne and it should be lighted since he's spawned in the fountain as seen in cutscene

btw ezreal no skill noob champ press r to gg
want moar animations love the style pm

ps: I used to play for reals now I play casual for fun
I have lvl 30 summoner in every server pm to play with a season 1 griefer

Whahahahah dat taric xD Only the enemy had green health bars too lol... But anyways, best LoL animation ever and true.... Darius OP....