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Reviews for "This Ride Called Life 1"

This was really cool.

I'd like to be the kid who missed the war because of sienfield (not sure if it's spelt correctly),
This series looks as though it's gonna be big keep up the good work.

that was great

I love it how the guy below me is bashing the cartoon for not being violent enough, that's funny in itself. Great style, graphics, and sound.

It May Be a Giant...

The main charachter and background animation/art was really good. Spruce up the "incidental" graphics, like the planes/street scenes and pace the action a little better, and you could have a Portal winner here. Loved how you overlapped the music sound clip at the end. Rather innovative.

Hey hey ho ho black and white way to go

I found it a little on the slow side, but hey that's just my opinion. All the misc
sounds were a nice touch for the tv. I liked the quick scene changes that went back and forth
between the chaos and the kid in front of the tv, The long text tween/fading intro after
the loader was a little boring. Well 3.52@ 62 votes is pretty damn good.