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Reviews for "This Ride Called Life 1"

Very nice...

As slow as this was, and as strange as it was, I think the whole mood was perfectly done. Any faster, and I would have had to complain. It is almost a commentary...and the ending is rather funny. Very nice job...never before have I seen a flash movie like this.


I thought that was pretty funny!

Shit Shit and more Shit

This story has no "story" at all. Its a waste of time. The auther should have put more thought into this. He was pretty good art if he only had a brian he could be pretty damn good.

not at all amusing

what the hell is it?
It's not funny
nor does it tell a story
the guy who made this obviously has talent cos the animation was brilliant but as for the story line and humour, one word sums it up
Thats 'shit'


I liked this for a few reasons. The black and white background gave it a nice twilight
zone touch. The sounds and such made it alot better. Especially at the begining
when he was flipping through the television stations. He sold out right in the middle
of it! Wow! I only had one problem with it though. The long fading text thing at the
begining, Snore. Oh well, keep 'em coming.