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Reviews for "Electrostatic"

Pretty interesting! I liked the percussion :D

Flaytic responds:

I tried accentuating the percussion, looks like it works! Thanks!

Sounds rather funky for a DnB track, DnB Funk? Makes me think of the MOTHER games but with a more modern take on the music.

Flaytic responds:

Never really played MOTHER, but I'll take it as a compliment, thanks :D

This was an intresting work, Nice sound design, nice choices, nice rythm, everything seemed to be alright, and adequated to be scouted, this rate would be if you were already scouted, there are a number of things I could've told you to work harder on : the mastering, but, this isn't really important.

Good job, and good luck.

i like the effects going on and that gated stuff. the melody lines need some layering up imo. Anyways scouted you.

Flaytic responds:

Thanks! Yep, polyphonic stuff aren't really easy but I'll try my best in layering the stuff!

Very well done for a starter track!

The square synths immediately annoucne the vibe of this track, and it's pretty darn good! The growling noises afterwards also sounded pretty crazy, good job on creating those! I love the chorus at 0:38, it's so energetic and happy, makes me wanna dance :)
Something this track really lacks is sub-bass. You throw in a lot of those growls (especially at 1:45 when you go absolutely apeshit with them) but none of them add sufficient bass to the mix. I ran this track through an equalizer and there's barely any frequency presence below 50 Hz, which is were you should have your subbass. Try working on this!
Also, your snare is really bland and dry. It could use a lot more punch and some damping reverb! It would surely add a lot to the song ;)
The rest of this song is just pure awesome. I can hear you've got an eye (ear?) for track building and knowing where and how to use your instruments. Props to you kid!

3,5 Stars

- LiquidOoze

Flaytic responds:

Thanks mang, glad you enjoyed it :D All these feedback makes me want to do a remaster of this track :P

Also thanks for including this in your Hidden Audio Gems playlist! Really honoured :D