Reviews for "Truth About Art School6.5"

everything u sumed up is dam true in my art school. the only teacher I haven't met yet is the incompetent one, but what I have met thats not in ur list are the ones that don't care. they just want their money and don't care if u succeed or not.

Fantastic work. My only gripe is the person talking over the animation was a bit too soft, and I couldnt hear him over the animation audio at times. If he could speak up a bit, or just increase his audio, it'd be perfect

CartoonCoffee responds:

Thank you Lionelion. I made some changes to the audio, if it's not to much trouble mind sending me a PM to let me know if it's working better now?

Ok, that was borderline educational. So damn true. Excellent metaphor for school by making it a battle between you and the teacher!
5 stars go to this!

CartoonCoffee responds:

Haha! Thank you Joverseer. I'm glad you can relate =)

Right on, really well done man.
I've never seen any of your videos before, but I like your style.
You did a great job portraying your experience from art school and helping the viewer feel your pain hehe.
Keep up the great work!

CartoonCoffee responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate the comment! It's always a little nerve racking putting one of these videos out, so its reassuring to see that even people who are new to my work, can pick up and enjoy it in mid series.

Thanks for the review.

This pretty much sums up my collage experience.

CartoonCoffee responds:

Haha, you and me both =)