Reviews for "Truth About Art School6.5"

Very creative and accurate review as to what art school is like. The only teacher you missed is the teacher that likes your ideas but thinks it could be improved with some of her ideas that take it out of its main concept. I have had too many of those sadly. But amazing jobs and I was impressed with the whole side scroller arcade style fighter type of way to represent the piece. It was really accurate. Good Job

Well done, although the main mistake you did is that there was too much clutter. There was no dominant voice(quiter in comparison to the announcer and fighting characters) or visual to lead through the entirety. And I think it's also missing out on a punchline. Not really sure what you wanted people to take out of the animation =]
I'm sure you realized that by other reviews by now though.

This work is so concerned with its presentation that its message is obscured and eventually lost. All the other people talking distracts from and confuses the main line of speech, and is sometimes annoying or incomprehensible on its own. My ears actually hurt a little from trying to parse out the central discussion from the loud music, squeaky (and pointless) co-host, and "fight" sounds.

uh thats because art isnt a viable subject in schools. so art school is a paradox. enjoy poverty

This is awesome. Love the fact you added like super bars and stuff like that. Way cool!