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Reviews for "shades of madness: traile"

3 stars, i'd give more if you had better graphics and animation, like where is the bullets, gun noises and the firey stuff that comes out of the end of the gun. All in all pretty good, though you have a LOOOOONG way to go before becoming as good a madness animator as KRINKLES. Love the music but I hope the real thing (cos this is the trailer) is better. Again 3 stars you deserved them :D- Luke.

chris-the-stick responds:

ok, first of all, thanks for teh fair review, and for not zero'ing everything.
well, its a good/fun movie, and i didnt added gun sounds because it would make the trailer too big on the filesize.

also, i dont want to become krinkels.
thats why im using my own artwork, and not sprites.

i want to create something good, or decenet, and to entertain people, if possible.
and yes, the movie will be slightly better.

thanks again, for the helpful review!

This is a good start. Graphics are a bit edgey, but they're OK. The animation could use some more fluency though. If you don't want to tween different body parts, you need more frames, and maybe a higher FPS (24 minimum) to make it look smooth. Blood splatter would be nice with some more detail too, and the backgrounds. Keep it going!


chris-the-stick responds:

thanks man, your review was kind, helpfull, and to the point.
i will improve, and i will maybe edit my FPS, i will try to improve. your review has helped me alot, thanks!

sorry but there is only one foot on every one so and I don't get how he pulls wepons out of nowere

chris-the-stick responds:

he pulls them out of his a$$.

also thanks for the insightfull review, your experience in flash, and your 0 movies really helped me here! :D

(ps. they have only 1 foot, because it's the view from sideways)