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Reviews for "shades of madness: traile"

was pretty good,need a little more practice and youll be fine

chris-the-stick responds:

thanks, i will try to improve, thanks for your support!

Pffff.... good luck.
One of worst madness animations what i ever seen.

chris-the-stick responds:

''one of the worst madness animations THAT i've ever seen''
learn how to spell, and leave helpful feedback in your reviews.

this video is awesome , deal with it

chris-the-stick responds:

thanks man, i appreciate your help/support!
thanks alot!

i will try to improve!

I can't really give this any stars.
The animation was pretty much terrible. the animation.
The drawings were terrible.
Stuff like blood effects were terrible.

You need to make the animation smoother. and maybe use some madness packs and just use the sprites that were created by Krinkes because your designs are pretty bad.

An OK concept. Maybe with better animation, drawing, and over all story lay out, you'd have a good animation there.

chris-the-stick responds:

no stars? good.
the drawings might seem bad, but i wanted to do something original.
if i wanted to use krinkels sprites, then it would be yet ''another krinkels-fan-based movie'' with the same old sprites.

i want to draw my own art,a nd to draw my own characters and weapons.

also, note that this is an OLD animation, which i revamped on 2010.
some parts are old and quircky, but i will improve.

also, your review is OK, but your rating is horrible.
oh, and your experience of 0 movies, really helps me here, thanks!

I thought it wasnt really that intriging, it had some small moments/animations i could appreciate but on a whole it the production value wasnt high at all and not really funny.

chris-the-stick responds:

i wasn't aiming at the funny factor, even tho it had some funny moments.
now, the one half of this movie is from my old file of this and it's from 2005, so bear with me.

thanks for the review.