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Reviews for "shades of madness: traile"

need more practice and you will be fine...
animation is not the best but its long and thats what matters for me. Good job and keep up the good work 8/10

chris-the-stick responds:

wow thanks! i worked hard on this, and for a long time, so i appreciate your kind words, and i will take your advice in heart!
thanks again, and keep watching!

Here is the promised review for fanning me :)
So, the first thing that really bothers me in this movie is how the audio is completely ignored, the musics fit pretty well in the genre but then they sound really low quality (maybe a render option you chose wrong?) and that really ruins a video for me, you should try to look into it :)
The second part that bothers me in the regards of the audio in how there are no sound effects at all, no gun shooting or sword swoosh, those kind of kinds. They would bring another live to your movie.
The art seems acceptable and although it does not have a lot of detail into it works pretty well.
The animation however is most of the times forced and unnatural and does make the movie confusing at points.
The idea seems pretty good, a dude that wants to kill the main Madness dude would be a perfect subject for a bloody movie.

-Overall this is not a bad movie, you obviously like to make movies and have passion for this art, you must however pay attention to the little details such as making a more detailed art, thinking the fights a little further, not cutting the audios quality at all and above all adding sound effects!
Cheers and good luck in the future chris-the-stick2!

chris-the-stick responds:

ok, first of all, the music was good, or it was too silent? what should i do with it? whats a render, btw?
second, i agree, there are no sound effects in this, and i should add some, but due to lack of time and from other issues, i had to submit it as it is.
i will add some in the next madness film(actual episode)

lastly, yes i drew everything in this movie except from the guns/fists in the first part of the trailer. in the second part tho, i did everything. even the fists/guns.

also, the story is funny, and cool, and the trailer seems confusing, but that happens, because i added many different parts from many different episodes of my series. so, it can get a bit confusing.

thanks for your great advice, and for your good review, i will try to improve in my next parts, so thanks alot!

I can't make these things and i don't want to make you feel unusable but you need to make it better 2/5

chris-the-stick responds:

fair enough, i respect your views, and i see your points.
thanks, i will try to be better.

You said in the second part that all the weapons were drawn by you, but just before the end there is a gun taken right from the madness seires.

Also, pretty bad animaiton, artwork and pretty much everything else.
You need to work on story telling, i couldn't figure out what was going on from one place to the next.
I mean, im not some grand animator, I tried animating Madness stuff a few years back, didn't go so well, but still man. You need to work on the art work on not having a pause for no reason every couple of seconds.

chris-the-stick responds:

oh really? show me the weapon that i ''took'' from the madness series.
i repeat, the FIRST part of this trailer, (from 2005) had krinkels sprites for weapons and fists.
the second part had ONLY weapons and fists drawn by me. no sprites, or images, or whatever.
everything in the sceond part is drawn/made by me.

also, if my artwork is bad, you should at least appreciate the fact that im drawing the characters and everything on my own, and not using madness sprites, like every other madness animator.

your review was good, but not fair. 0 stars?
you should try being a bit more objective.

5/5 a masterpiece

chris-the-stick responds:

man, thanks, i thank you very much for your kind words, and support!