Reviews for "Lusfod"

I like it, it's simple and to the point, with just enough duration too it. The music is nice and very fitting. I know there could be some adjustments but it'll take a fair bit of thinking. Good work here, refreshing.

Yea, I dunno. I got all but the last ship because it just got too boring. The replayability on which this game seems to rely on just isn't there. It takes way too much to gather all the gold for the next ship and the game doesn't provide enough to keep you busy until that moment comes.

Otherwise it was fun while it lasted and it had a nice minimalistic/8bit thing to it.

funny game! however, every few seconds I have graphic errors, and i see some text on the screen, one of it saying "sample text".

As you surely know from games like Super mario or sonic, it s best to give invincibility items not a simple siren, but a music with a start and an end for the duration of the invincibility. this allows the player to estimate when exactly the invincibility will end, so he wont crush into an enemy right after it ends. Also, maybe set the moving speed after collecting a flower back to normal before it ends, for the same reason!

Otherwise, nice little flash :)

KInda boring. Also the UFO LSD thing was pretty obvious..

OH MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!