Reviews for "Lusfod"

This game is great. Great music and well delivered effects. I like the arcade game theme, where you have to find out what everything does by crasing into it.

I recommend.

Awesome awesome awesome! I want more of that music too!

Only criticism, I got up to harry potter and couldn't be bothered maxing out. Definitely need a coin x2 or something around that point, being able to time firing to kill the dragon/bowser or boost scores by being able to target the enemies properly would fix that though. Too many times I spent trying to line up a shot then pulling out to avoid getting killed and the gun fires just afterwards got on my nerves. Maybe a longer invulnerability would be good too, that's what made me quit, getting hit by three enemies in the space of one screen.

Despite the 8 pages of nitpicking, I thought this was an excellent retro-style game. I owned an Atari 2600 and know the sound of Asteroids getting blown up :) A game like this, back then, would have been a 5 star hit. But in that respect, despite the bells and whistles, it's still a rather simple game of movement. Excellent work!

Very Simple Idea but its so funny and some nice items! 8/10

its pretty seizey but fun, as im reading this i see that i can turn off the flash effects so you get an extra half