Reviews for "Lusfod"

subliminal messaging is not your friend.

This game should have an epilepsy warning. lol

As for the game itself, it's sort of learn as you go. There isn't a whole lot to understand though. Avoid enemies, collect upgrades(which are in the form of animals) as well as a suspicious flower that puts you into hyper drive. Game play wasn't completely innovative or amazing, but it is smooth and functional. There's no story but the game doesn't really require any.

The upgrades are solely ship upgrades that you must buy progressively which sort of made me sad because I saved up for the second to last before I bought anything and found out I couldn't skip ships.

It is slow at the beginning(collecting money) but you'll find that it gets easier with every ship as the magnet gets progressively stronger. However, if you can manage to get the "flowers"*cough*mushrooms*cough* it isn't too difficult.

3/5 for fluid gameplay.

At first, I was quite confused by this game. I thought there was no way to kill the enemies. I don't even know how to fully upgrade. For the most part, it's still a good game. It mostly works because of how unique the design is. I like how it works well in its simplicity.

I just think it has a very good spirit to it. I like how easy it can be. Well, I managed to get two acheivements so it's easy enough. I really don't know what's going on here, but it's pretty good. I just wanted to say that I like this game.

Awesome awesome awesome! I want more of that music too!

Only criticism, I got up to harry potter and couldn't be bothered maxing out. Definitely need a coin x2 or something around that point, being able to time firing to kill the dragon/bowser or boost scores by being able to target the enemies properly would fix that though. Too many times I spent trying to line up a shot then pulling out to avoid getting killed and the gun fires just afterwards got on my nerves. Maybe a longer invulnerability would be good too, that's what made me quit, getting hit by three enemies in the space of one screen.

Pretty enjoyable. My only issue is that the lack of a starting gun, combined with the 1:1 ratio of coins:points, makes it a very slow grind in the beginning. I'd suggest either starting out with a gun (even if it's a really crappy one), or making the coins count for a bit more.