Reviews for "Lusfod"

not bad bro

The game would be just fine if you are more thoughtful on players' health. That flower bang things was funny for few secs, then annoying for the rest of time.

Very boring game. The flash effects are incredibly annoying, I don't know why they're even in the game, turning them off was a great change. There's nothing in this game that hasn't been done better in every good endless runner game. I was also upset when I got enough money for the wizard but had to buy the previous two ships first; you might as well just make upgrading automatic if you don't want people to jump ahead. I was excited when I got a ship with the 'fire' function, but it's completely useless at first and never really becomes useful until the last ship. The only real way to make money is by killing dragons, which is completely random. I don't think I ever enjoyed playing this game, apart from using the flower boost to plow through enemies, and even that had annoying seizure effects.

Sorry man, I didn't really like it

-The screen glitching constantly
-the oversaturated colors messing with your eyes
-everything going apeshit when you pick up the flowers
-took some time before realising only enemies are purple, was avoiding the other creatures because it wasn't obvious to me from the gecko what I should avoid and collect
-what do lives do? I always die in a single hit (quit at level 2 lives)
-when I unlocked 'fire' I was expecting much more, it actually made me mad how weak it was when I got it
-you cannot skip a ship upgrade (might as well have it just upgrade automatically then)

Aside from these gameplay mechanics, in term of execution, the game is well made, nice work

Surprisingly fun! The added glitch-like effects actually add to the enjoyment of the game. Usually those type of effects get annoying real fast, but however you've done it, you've managed to make it feel good.

I would definitely add an epileptic warning, since the effects are fast and frequent. Even turning the flash effects off, the screen still shakes up and down, and the alligator and flower rainbow attacks are quite vibrant.

The music is great, and I find myself bobbing my ship up and down to the beat (even if it sometimes makes me run into an enemy).

I didn't expect the dragon UFO to be any fun but it was! I really appreciate that it isn't an overpowered end-game ship. It's still easy to die if you aren't careful!

There were two things that I didn't like. First was the choice of ships. Playing as the first UFO was super fun! I liked the feeling of being one of the enemies gone rogue due to the similar colors. But the wizard and wolf really didn't seem to belong.

Maybe there could be an option to upgrade your ship's stats along with buying new ships?

Second was that there's no notification when you lose a life. I can't tell if I've run into an enemy or if I shot it at the last second. A discernible noise or something along those lines would be nice.

One last nitpick: aside from crediting ocularnebula as the composer, I think the track title should either be in the game or game description.

I'm having a lot of fun playing Lusfod. (a combination of UFO and LSD? haha)