Reviews for "Lusfod"

This really isn't anything that good. The music is annoying and too loud. That usually wouldn't be an issue since I could turn it off, but I have to drag my ship around randomly risking inevitable death to turn off the music from the game. The game itself is too simple, even to the point that you don't get to decide when you want to shoot. This was annoying because I would anticipated taking out rows of enemies, to have it destroyed by the gun deciding it doesn't want to shoot during the 2-3 seconds I would spend in front of enemies, risking running head-on to them, thus wasting a life. All you had to do was allow an option to left click to shoot a bullet. The flowers were easy to get and seemed to pop up every two seconds. I guess you realized this, because you made it to where you do a shit-ton of grinding to get to the last 2 ships. Speaking of which, why do we have to by the ships in order? I really didn't want to get the 20k Nyan Wolf instead of getting the 35k Dragon. I was able to afford it, but I had to get the Nyan Wolf first. That's like having to buy every piece of armor in Skyrim before being able to get Dragon-bone armor. The graphics were an eyesore too. They were obviously supposed to look retro to an extent, but instead you made them look like lazily done graphics. All-in-all, you could've spent one more day to make this game worth playing, but you instead left it feeling largely unfinished. However, it was alright for the first 10-20 minutes, so it will get a star and a half.

SSSSNNNOOOORRREEE, i literaly almost fell asleep while playing

Yea, I dunno. I got all but the last ship because it just got too boring. The replayability on which this game seems to rely on just isn't there. It takes way too much to gather all the gold for the next ship and the game doesn't provide enough to keep you busy until that moment comes.

Otherwise it was fun while it lasted and it had a nice minimalistic/8bit thing to it.

This is not a run 'n gun. This is either a horizontal flight shooter or a skill collector game.

Honestly, I think the reviews of this game are being too harsh, especially the one below me. Avoiding IS gameplay and if you look around, other popular games will have this as part of gameplay as well. Also, it says right at the bottom of the screen before you press play "collect animals and avoid enemies" so those who say they didn't know what they were doing did not look hard for instructions. And with the firing rate, if level one isn't good enough for you, get a better ship and it will shoot faster. The firing power helped me out more than a few times in the game. Besides, you don't absolutely need firepower anyway. And the prices are fair if you are good at staying alive in the game, thereby earning more money.

However, the other reviewers have brought up good points that need to be addressed and I would also like to commend you and suggest on a few things of my own.

- PLACE A WARNING IN THE GAME! Out of all the games I have ever played, this game has to be the most likely to cause a person to have seizure. I'd suggest placing a warning the description and an in-game box where the person has to acknowledge that you warned them about the lights (to avoid lawsuits if any could occur. Even if you are not prone to getting seizures, the lights will probably hurt your eyes.
- The box in the lower right corner that would stop the flashing in the game was not working for me or at least not stopping the rainbow flashes from the alligator and flower items. Perhaps it was working for the not as noticeable flashes.
- I was also upset, like many others when I realized I had to buy the new ships in order. If I knew that was the case, I would have bought the next upgrade instead of saving up. Had I bought them sooner, I would have gained more money sooner. Like other have said, you should probably just make ships available automatically if the player has no choice, but to buy the stuff in order or you should alert the player to this.
- There is no indication other than your ship blinking for a moment to tell you that you lost a life. When you're actively trying to avoid stuff, you don't really have time to notice a small blink. (then again, I suppose you don't need to know that you lost a life except to figure out how close you can get to an enemy without taking damage).
- As Lanner said, "aside from crediting ocularnebula as the composer, I think the track title should either be in the game or game description."

- I liked the uniqueness of this avoid game. As horribly annoying as the flashing is, it was a unique touch.
- I liked the funny different ships, including the Harry Potter one.
- The music was cool! Very free, adventurous, and fun at the same time.
- The LSD and UFO combination was an interesting mix (though I probably wouldn't have connected the dots on that one had I not read the comments).
- The gameplay was solid so I have no complaints about it.

I wish you luck in your future games and please (I make this capital so you won't miss it), TONE DOWN THE RAINBOW LIGHTS OR ADD A WARNING!