Reviews for "Lusfod"

Fun, but the dizzy flash is unnecessary for game play. The color of background disturb a lot. All a good game need is fine control, fluent frame and clear goal. This game does have these, other thing only made this game less joy.

funny game! however, every few seconds I have graphic errors, and i see some text on the screen, one of it saying "sample text".

As you surely know from games like Super mario or sonic, it s best to give invincibility items not a simple siren, but a music with a start and an end for the duration of the invincibility. this allows the player to estimate when exactly the invincibility will end, so he wont crush into an enemy right after it ends. Also, maybe set the moving speed after collecting a flower back to normal before it ends, for the same reason!

Otherwise, nice little flash :)


I like it, the retro graphics are pretty good, and the music is good too. Some things could be a little better, but I like it!

I'm confused about what the line is for when you move the ship is for.