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Reviews for "Don't Drown"

It's an okay game but it makes me feel completely Shattered somehow...

BulchyC responds:


What first strikes with this game is the visual and the audio. While they scream amateurisme they both are just good enough to put you into the atmosphere even though how blank it is or how short the audio loop is. Gameplay wise it's nothing really new though the glide is rarely seen in video games. Overall it is a promising first game.

This Was Ok. The Character Moves A Little Slow And The Gliding Action Should Be Tagged To A Different Key. Having To Cut Your Jump Short To Glide Is No Bueno.

BulchyC responds:

Initially I did have the gliding bound to a different key, unfortunately I found it to be a little game breaking as it allowed you to hit a perfect jump each and every time, it took that level of skill out of the game :(

this is completely shit makes it look like a 1 year old made it

The hang-glider thing was cool, other than that the game isn't all that interesting.