Reviews for "GTA 5 Will Ruin Your Life"

I pierdlnę dyszką, A co mi szkodzi.


his family sucked anyway

Awesome as always, DuDuL! I was pretty much like Michael atleast the first couple of days after the release of GTA V. Anyways, 5 stars because:
-The art style is fuckin amazing
-The animation is very smooth
-It was laughable, i had my laughs indeed, heh-eh-heh.
-The voice work is amazing, Michael and Trevor sounded exactly like themselves in GTA V.
I don't think i need to say much more. Awesome work, keep it up!

I got GTA V and evrything that just happened in the video was actully what I did.
(The funny part is when he got hungry eats a sandwich and looks so happy)