Reviews for "GTA 5 Will Ruin Your Life"

I loved this animation. Each frame is really well drawn, making the animation so great to look at, the music is well chosen, the voice actors fit their respected roles, and the entire animation felt really nicely organized and put together.

It's so well written, it's so good!

My own experience with GTA V is pretty similar to this, only I didn't have nearly this much time on my hands, but hey, it's a cartoon so, no need for realism.

Not only was this amazingly executed, but it also exceeds quite well in the comedic department, too. And since this is a collab, I cannot wait to see the other 2 entries to this amazing idea for a collab.

CatFat and Ockeroid, it's your turn to impress me!

ha this is exactly what i would do if i had all the time in the world

this is my brother, totally and completely. Once he turns that game on he's gone for at least ten hours XD

Lol it is true.

Sad part is,with some people this is not too far from the truth. Funny movie though.