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Reviews for "QbQbQb (full version)"

@Purplex ; @guitan11 ; i had play this (nice!) game on chrome, all worked right, without any error.
Anyway, NICE game, relaxing music and all, can be very ''usefull'' when you want to spent time with games, all my 5 stars to this game, added it to favorite.

the same thing as "Purplex" happened to me. the screen went red and showed a message about "alternate_5957.zip/assets/sounds/qbqbqb~a.ogg" it was great wile it lasted though

Really loving this game. The music is wonderful~

Mesmerizing. Kudos to you, good sir.

Pretty relaxing game. Surprised me...pretty good beat to the music as well. The object of the game is a bit confusing at first, but it all falls into place. 5-5