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Reviews for "QbQbQb (full version)"

fun little game very nice slightly nostalgic
i like the music and the toy thing must unlock all those
and this is very interesting would come back to it for more if i really want a challenging game to play though it took me a minute to realize what was going on in the beginning but i got it and just let the music flow
thanks for the speed up and slow down ability made the game playable

Interesting reiminagation of a classic, except... I cannot select the unlocked planets.

Fun, kind of a classic game play and style. The music and art work is very pleasant and nice. It is pretty easy but it can build up to get pretty fast and hectic. Not something Ill come back and play again but it was entertaining and fun to play a couple times.

beautiful aesthetically, lacking mechanically. The presentation is quite nice, but I feel like the gameplay is a bit less than complex or interesting.

A most impressive game.

This game has great music that is well placed in the game, great challenge and brilliantly fun.

Even though I write the above on behalf of my friend there is one thing that ruined it for me... It's not your fault but just take this suggestion. I'm colourblind and with this means this game posses an additional challenge for me that makes me have a 20% chance of stacking 3 in a row with 2 colours that look exactly the same to me. There's two ways I can think of to solve this...
1st: when the next block appears either have some mini arrow on corresponding blocks or a slight glow to them. This does however decrease the difficulty with all players.
2nd: make little symbols on the blocks for additional matching power.
With both of these you could have the player decide in the menu whether to have it or not.

(special thanks to my friend for stopping me from raging in this review and calming me down... rated score and the first 2 lines is from him.)

rezoner responds:

There is a "colorblind" support in options - have you tried it? I will point that out in description :)