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Reviews for "QbQbQb (full version)"

Great game! And if it's too easy for you, try 2 games at same time:D

i cant distinguish, or whatever thats spelled, very similar colors....
looks like and epic idea~!

The game's pretty sweet, nice soeed and atmosphere. I'm reviewing just to say that the music is phenomenal.

tetris but you stack shapes on a planet that you roatate? sign me in 5/5

To say the least the song itself at the beginning was entertaining enough for me, but really the game itself seemed... to put it in words... loose. Like the game was just a little too fast. The receding blocks gave a sense of... imbalance. Like you know where you want it, but because you're moving the blocks the perspective screws with your vision. At least for me. Fun though. Interesting, just a little too... loose.