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Reviews for "QbQbQb (full version)"

What I don't like is that you don't get any reward for beating the game. Other than that, unique and fantastic tetris-styled game.

I dont like that you can only stack straight up. Most games of this type let you touch side to side. Overall, kind of a boring little game. Also, how do we unlock more planets?

rezoner responds:

When you select planet - you can also select game mode (in the same manner) - the second one includes stacking vertically, horizontally or just matching 3+ blocks in any way. Select this mode - set speed to fast (in menu) and revise boredom factor once more. You unlock next planet by gathering 1000 points.

really nice!

But, what really annoys me, is that blocks come from different sides without a warning ... Is there an option to turn that off ?

keep it up!

A really different type of Tetris! The way you rotate the level instead of the blocks is pretty cool, along with the strange dimensional angle with which everything flows in. Best part of this game is probably the interface, which is so sleek and futuristic. Nice, ambient music to accompany the gameplay, and a great game to play too. Nice work!


this game is really cute. very fun, and very different from any other games I've been playing.
what is the music you use? especially the music while playing agnesis. I NEED it D: its so awesome.
haven't tried any of the other ..planets? ran out of time today, will definitely play this multiple times and explore the game more =]

rezoner responds:

Hi there. Thank you very much. The whole (extended) soundtrack is available on my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/rezoner